What? This is still a thing?

Yup it is.  The Burns table was done and delivered, a couple of night tables were completed and delivered, and new orders have come in.

So what else is new?  Well, as said above, new orders have come in.  Also, a new saw made its debut in the shop last night.  Well, to say new is a bit of a misnomer.  New to me is more appropriate as the saw was manufactured in 1947 give or take a couple of years.  20160315_195152_zpsyd20sdhd

She’s not that pretty to look at yet, but she will be.  I’ll be re-wiring the saw, installing a new fence, zero clearance insert, and eventually painting it.  I love that Delta/Rockwell didn’t really bother to change the design all that much for 70 years.


The motor is original to the saw and runs like a champ.  It’s got about twice the power of my old saw.


Here it is all bundled up due to the rain we had yesterday.  The table top is perfect on this saw.  Others I have seen or considered were in much worse shape and/or a ton more money.  I love the details of the saw.  The base with the “scalloping”, the DELTA logo, the bullet motor, the subtle curve of the bottom of the table.


Just look at that art deco style logo.  That’s just cool.

Oh, did I mention, this thing is HEAVY?  It’s a bit smaller than my Jet saw, but weighs twice as much.  I’m looking forward to this saw hanging about the shop for many years to come.


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