Lumbersexuals – Woodworker or Hipster with an Ax?

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of “news” articles, videos, etc. about the rise of the lumbersexual.  What the devil is a lumbersexual?  Well, Cosmo (no doubt the authority on these things), defines a lumbersexual is a bearded individual, who wears plaid, who works with wood.  Great, that describes much of the woodworking community.  So all those lumberjacks that you see on tv (and in your neighborhood) are lumbersexuals.  That old grizzled guy at the lumber mill?  Lumbersexual.  That guy at Lowes?  Well…..

So basically, the “world” has applied a label to those of us who work with wood.  What was the matter with Woodworker?  Oh, it didn’t end in –sexual?  So.  What.  It seems like the rise and fall of popular trends has finally spilled over into the woodworking community.  There’s been metrosexuals, hipsters, etc.  Now the hip trend is to be a lumbersexual.  So the guy who finds a pallet, looks on Pintrest for pallet ideas, finds a pallet wine rack, and builds one now calls himself a lumbersexual.  The guy who grew a beard and build a wall shelf from “reclaimed” (really new lumber from Lowes stained with vinegar and steel wool) wood calls himself a lumbersexual.

Gotta have an Iphone, it’s the Lumbersexual way

I guess this is actually a good thing as it separates the fake folk from the real woodworkers.  The guys who are out there every day or weekend building “stuff”.  The guy who knows what a mortise and tenon joint is.  The guy with a collection of hand planes who knows how to use them.  The guy with more tools than brain cells.  Those are the real woodworkers, not some label.  That’s the kind of guy I want to be.  Regardless of my beard, affinity to plaid, and my ax.

I want to be like Norm.

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